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About Us

Custom Data Solutions supports the needs of independent, corporate or not-for-profit services in the childcare and out of school hours industry through offering a range of services based around the QikKids CCMS software.  Heading the company are Directors Karen Burgess and Sarah Edmiston.
CDS assists users in providing QikKids system setup, onsite basic - advanced training (onsite or remote training options), creation of process improvement/checklist documentation or completing weekly data administration on a casual or permanent basis.
Their speciality however, is to undertake QikKids/CCMS health checks to investigate issues relating to the complex arena of processing data relevant to CCMS submissions including but not limited to- ISS, JFA, SCCB, CCB/CCR and error correction.


About Sarah:

Sarah was employed previously as the National Sales and Training rep for QikKids CCMS software and has extensive knowledge and experience. In fact the last 11 years of her career has been dedicated and devoted to assisting QikKids clients (nearly 7 years with QikKids and over 3 years with Custom Data).  
Sarah is a specialist in QikKids and works on advanced/difficult projects with clients to makes sure services are running a compliant and error free QikKids system. 
In addition to large projects, Sarah continues to contract to QikKids CCMS software to complete all their onsite, group and regional training sessions. This takes her all over Australia most weeks so is often working with small or large, capital city, regional or remote services on training their staff.
QikKids group training sessions can be found at: http://www.qikkids.com.au/InterstateRoadshow
If you would prefer to have Sarah come and provide onsite custom training at your service (anywhere in Australia), please feel free to contact QikKids directly on 1300 367 770. 


About Karen:

Karen comes with over 10 years sales/management experience so understands the needs of centre owners to maintain high customer service standards, occupancy and is extremely detailed orientated. As well as working with Custom Data Solutions for over 2 years, her previous employment was as an Operations Manager for an outside school hours group. She loves to organise checklists, process improvement documentation and oversees all administration and health checks for CDS. She most recently helped a number of small and large clients successfully claim missing Government entitlements through our exclusive health check service and then provided checklists to make sure all data is submitted each week to limit errors.
You can contact Karen to discuss administration projects, our exclusive CCMS/QikKids health checks or creating administration practices and procedures for your service. Her email is [email protected] or call her on 0423 529 779.