YMCA of the Northern Territory has been working with Custom Data Solutions for over 12 months and it has been one of the best business decisions we have made. Not only did CDS assist us with a smooth transition to a new CCMS software provider their skilled team were able to confidently manage the transition from CCB and CCR to the new Child Care Subsidy (CCS). The team at CDS provide a huge amount of support to our site coordinators and are always available to conduct additional training as required. CDS provide ‘monthly snapshot reports’ which include any enrolment errors, attendance errors, confirmed enrolment numbers, families who have left the service and any current inclusion support cases. The financial benefits, particularly in regard to timesaving has been huge.
Liz Stiller
Executive Manager – Children & Family Services | YMCA NT
We are a large provider in the middle years sector and run a central administrative team. Custom Data has really been an integral part of what we do and have offered invaluable support with training and are our go to support for escalated enquiries. We thank you for your ongoing support.
Mirna Eskander
Children Services Administration Specialist | YMCA NSW
Thank you, Custom Data Solutions, for making our experience positive and hassle free. The support and knowledge we receive from your team is phenomenal, and I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond.
Jessica Goulding
ELC Manager | YMCA NSW
It is to my convenience that I am able to email Custom Data Solutions with enquirers and concerns and get an immediate email with a solution. I have a personal staff member through Custom Data Solutions that constantly assists with queries. Custom Data Solutions helped the Childcare receive payments that I was not able to put through the system. Overall great experience and excellent customer service.
Nora Tabak
Bellbrae Childcare & Kindergarten.
I have been an owner-operator of several childcare centres and OSHC services and owe the successful administration for the submission and collection of parent fees and childcare subsidies to Custom Data Solutions. I have engaged Custom Data Solutions since 2011 and when acquiring or managing services, they are my first point of contact to streamline data administration for the purposes of fee collection. Highly recommend them, if you don't want the headaches of deciphering the myriad of requirements needed to meet CCS compliances.
Sophie Stephens
United Children | Ballarat South West
Country Buddies have been a customer of Custom Data for several years now and I can honestly say, I sleep better at night. Especially so in the last 12 months with the introduction of the CCS. Zarnie is my “go to go to girl”. She is amazing and knowing she is covering all aspects of the reporting requirements, has made my workload stresses decrease dramatically. As the Operations manager and Approved Provider Representative for all our services, to know this is one area that is compliant at all times, is such a great relief. I would highly recommend Custom Data, “every day of the week”.
Catherine Healey
Operational Manager | Country Buddies.
Custom Data Solutions has been the best investment for Fair Play OOSH. CDS have taken so much pressure of and saved my team and I time. The knowledge, skill and passion are just outstanding. Nothing Is ever an issue and we don’t spend hours on hold for QK kids we deal with our account manager and that’s it. I truly believe CDS are the heartbeat of my team. If we ever have to cut costs CSD will be the last to go. Feel free to reach out for a reference at any time.
Bec Phillips
Fair Play OOSH
YMCA WA has been contracting Custom Data Solutions since February 2018. We have found the support to be consistent and the team is flexible and available. In some more challenging times, the team has also been prepared to jump in and provide additional support with short notice. Custom Data Solutions is very open to feedback and has a tangible commitment to their own ongoing development. We would like to thank the team at Custom Data Solutions for being a critical factor in developing the capability of our local admin teams too.
Shae Welch
General Manager – Children’s Services | YMCA WA
By using CDS we were able to eliminate a permanent part time Administration position with considerable financial savings. Our experience with CDS has been excellent with them picking up things I don’t think we would have found on our own. I can highly recommend them.
Anne Epstein
Director | Ithaca Creek State School P&C Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
Custom Data has been integral in managing my admin tasks. They have assisted me with everything from debt management, CCS queries, monthly health checks ups and so much more. I cannot even estimate how much time I have saved with their help!
Nicholas Maggs
Acting Director | Gladesville OOSH