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Specialising in CCSS Software Administration and Database Health Checks.
Australia wide support for CCSS software clients

CCSS Software Administration

Our administration support is just like you have another staff member – only working offsite. Below shows examples of what our team offers:

Email support for service

This can include but not limited to such things as: Assisting with family questions in regards to accounts, assisting with issues within the CCSS Software package and tech support

Ezi-Debit/Debit Success

Autocharging, connecting to Gateway, monthly limit increase checks

QK Kiosk

We can assist services in the implementation of QK Kiosk and provide training for staff

Admin screen

Updating with new personnel or removing personnel that no longer work at service, fee increases, changing room configurations

Rolls Screen

Weekly audits of attendances and absences

QK Enrol

We can assist services in the implementation of QK Enrol and provide training for staff


Set up of new claims, weekly submitting


Keeping the system updated and compliant inside the new Government/QikKids portal

Monthly debt management assistance 

We assist the director with debtor management through tasks such as limits versus gaps, credit card expiry, advising of declined payment


Training with Coordinator and 2IC as needed via phone/teamviewer


Bookings and change of booking patterns


Reporting – monthly reporting to Coordinator and management team as needed

CWA compliance

Assisting services who use the CWA notification system in QikKids


Assisting services with ACCS certificates and determinations to assist vulnerable and disadvantaged children that may attend the service

We complete weekly, monthly and yearly reviews of your database to ensure CCSS compliance is met, and we ensure the service receives the maximum subsidies available to them

CCSS Software Health Checks

The CCSS Software Health Check is designed to have a CDS expert review your service information to ensure that you are following best practice and managing your data well. The outcome of the CCSS Software Health Check is a professional report that is provided to you with an overview of your service and recommendations around actions you should take to resolve any issues found.

The report is particularly useful to business owners and Directors/Coordinators who want some reassurance that they are managing their CCSS Software in the most effective manner possible with a view to ensure they are claiming subsidies correctly and minimising any potential breaches that could occur.

The cost of the CCSS Software Health Check service is dependant on your license capacity and ranges from $299 for a small service with a license capacity of 50 children to $599 for a very large service with capacity of over 120 children. For more details please click on the Order Now button below for full details.

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