Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

We are passionate about supporting the Early education Sector to encompass a high standard of work health and safety culture. We pride ourselves on ensuring the wellbeing of all children and educators through our WHS policies and procedures in childcare.

We can offer your service:

Onsite Health and Safety overview that has a detailed look into all areas concerning health and safety related to both to The National Regulations and the NQF, as well as state related Work Health and Safety Regulations and Acts, and relevant Codes of Practice for the Sector

We provide assistance where needed in order to help you build a safe and compliant workplace. Our first and foremost objective is ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the children and educators who attend or work at a service.

Specifically designed for the Early Learning Sector, our health and safety training for childcare providers is ideal for early childhood education and care services, outside school hours care services and all services in scope of the National Quality Framework (NQF). 

We are licensed Backsafe trainers, which gives us the opportunity to help prevent and train people on the how’s and why’s of back safety in a Childcare Setting.

Designed for anyone working in the Childcare Sector. Great for new employees, to use as a refresher, or to help use at your centre to train your staff to have a better understanding of safety in your service. Current courses available are (with more to come): 

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