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With everything involved in the daily running of a Childcare centre, we aim to ensure that we can take some of that pressure away by offering our administration service to your centre/s.

We work alongside your director so they can concentrate on running the service and ensuring the health and safety of the children attending the service.

We complete all of our work 100% remotely, and we have a very experienced team who with the different CCSS software providers.

Even though CCSS Software programs have now become more automated, there are still lots of areas we can help your service maintain compliance and receives the maximum subsidies available to you.

Examples of key areas that we still help services with are:

If you’re not a client , but would like to know how you are going in regards to compliance, we highly recommend our Health Checks (currently only avl for QikKids clients).

Health Checks

The CCSS Software Health Check is designed to have a CDS expert review your service information to ensure that you are following best practice and managing your data well. The outcome of the CCSS Software Health Check is a professional report that is provided to you with an overview of your service and recommendations around actions you should take to resolve any issues found.

The report is particularly useful to business owners and Directors/Coordinators who want some reassurance that they are managing their CCSS Software in the most effective manner possible with a view to ensure they are claiming subsidies correctly and minimising any potential breaches that could occur. Even though you are told that your CCS software program is fully automated, there are areas that may need your attention if there are errors such as CCS Enrolment errors, Compromised ISS claims, etc.

The cost of the CCSS Software Health Check service is dependent on your license capacity and ranges from $399 for a small service with a license capacity of 50 children to $599 for a very large service with capacity of over 120 children. For more details, please click on the Order Now button below for full details.

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